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This means winners could bring home as little as USD14.7 million or as much as USD58.8 million. DARPA also envisions each Blackjack satellite to cost less than USD6 million, including launch cost. DARPA specifications for Blackjack were roughly 45 kg for payload and 50 kg for the satellite bus. Spaceflight Industries, a commercial rideshare launch provider, offers to bring 100 kg satellites to low earth orbit (LEO), the same orbit as Blackjack, for roughly USD4 million, leaving a few million dollars for companies use at their discretion. “I think this project is worthwhile and I hope it succeeds,” an industry source told Jane’s on 7 August.

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County project to bring Mississippis first two-way bike lane

“The two-way cycle track that will be introduced— I know I’m proud to say this— will be the first two-way cycle track in the state of Mississippi.” “We’re going to move the bikes onto the street, but we will have a pedestrian sidewalk and a backup curb,” Ramsey added.  The two-way bike lane will allow cyclists to stay on one side of the street, similarly to a multi-use path. However, the bike lane will be within the paved street, protected by barriers. The two-way bike lane construction will include safety features to prevent car-bike collisions.  “Anytime there’s a conflict point, the car will utilize a green tracking pavement that will also have a texture to it and a color to it,” Ramsey said. “It will highlight those interactions between different modes of transportation.” The multi-use path will turn into a two-way bike lane with a sidewalk after turning right onto Locksley way from South Montgomery Street, just past the Starkville Church of God. “That really has to do with the width requirement for the multi-use path,” Ramsey explained. “It required 10 feet with a two-foot clearance. And just from about that neighborhood in Sherwood Commons past the Veranda, there’s just not enough room to meet those requirements.”  The two-way bike lane and sidewalk will turn into a multi-use path again on Blackjack Road.  “Just before you take a right on Blackjack Road, we’ll bring the bikes back onto the multi-use path,” Ramsey said. “And as it goes Blackjack Road, it will be a multi-use path.” Ramsey also said the project has taken into account the Blackjack Road widening plans. Along Blackjack Road, the multi-use path will be further off the road in preparation for that project.  Ramsey was visibly proud of the project when he presented it to the Board of Aldermen on Tuesday.

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